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 2019-10-09 17:11:01


【原文1】The sense of inferiority that he acquired in his youth has never been totally eradicated.



【原文2】That man cannot be relied upon.



【原文3】The Imperial Palace is divided into two ceremonial areas:the Outer Palace and the Inner Court.



【原文4】Covering an area of 175 acres, the Palace is enclosed by walls over 35 ft. high and surrounded by a moat 57 yd. wide.



【原文5】 He was thrown into confusion by the return wife.



【原文6】By the end of the war 800 people had been saved by the organization, but at a cost of over 200 Belgian and French lives.


【译文】大战结束时,该组织括救了 800人,但那是以200多比利时人和法国人的生命为代价的。

【译文7】Communications satellites are used for international living transmission throughout the world.



【原文8】He (Barrymore) then contitiued his walk down the alley. His( Sir Charles' ) body was/found at the end of it.



【原文9】The manuscript was sent to the printer in London, a few weeks before the French Revolution.



【原文10】To explore the moon's surface, rockets were launched again and again.



【原文11】Children should be taught to speak the truth.



【原文12】And there has also been developed a solar stove to cook food.




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